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Joint Inspection Protocols in a Pandemic Environment

In order to balance the need to limit situations where people are in close proximity with each other with the need to continue to move technical inspections forward to resolve complex insurance claims in a reasonable timeframe, Arcon has developed a set of protocols to be used in situations where joint inspections are required.  Often, these inspections are carried out in an indoor environment which increases the level of reluctance of participants to be involved and in some cases, contravenes guidelines set out by companies for their employees.  While many claims requiring joint technical inspections have been put on hold for the past couple of months, it's not a situation that can continue indefinitely.  The protocols in the attached document were developed within the context of current governmental safety guidelines regarding behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although applicable specifically to Arcon's indoor laboratory environment, the protocols and accompanying pre-inspection acknowledgement form can easily be adapted for other indoor / outdoor environments.  The complete document can be accessed at the following link: COVID-19 Joint Inspection Protocols.


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