Our Forensic Expert

Executive Summary

Steve is one of Arcon's most experienced engineers having investigated more than 1500 incidents involving fires, electrical malfunctions and product failures to identify the origin and cause of the incident. As part of these investigations, he has been qualified to provide testimony in court as an expert on fire investigation and technical electrical issues. Steve’s practice includes assessment of fires and electrical failures in industrial, commercial and residential losses including production plants, automobiles and heavy machinery & equipment. In addition to his engineering work, Steve is the Vice-President of Arcon and is active on the Board of CAFI – the Canadian Association of Fire Investigators.

Areas of Expertise

  • Heavy equipment fires (mining, forestry)
  • Passenger & transport vehicle fires
  • Commercial equipment failures (heaters, chillers, fans, generators)
  • Industrial plant & equipment electrical failures
  • Flame spread testing & analysis
  • HRV failures and related fires
  • Fire suppression system failure analysis
  • Construction related fires (roofing, welding)
  • Appliance failures & associated fires
  • Electrical equipment repair cost audits
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