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We offer forensic investigative services across all major engineering disciplines. With multiple staff in each area, we offer continuity and stability as well as the opportunity to have each investigation reviewed by peers to ensure the highest quality conclusions. For more information on each service, go to the applicable page.

Collision Reconstruction

Arcon’s experts augment their specialized knowledge and experience with computer measurement and modelling technology to accurately reconstruct all aspects of vehicle collisions. Reconstructions often include: vehicle damage inspection, site investigation and survey, vehicle movement reconstruction, occupant movement / pedestrian impact analysis and visibility, driver perception & avoidance studies as well as analysis of data from onboard electronic control modules - also commonly referred to as automobile black boxes.  For collisions resulting in 3rd-party bodily injury, our documentation of vehicle damage, site survey and black box data download preserves evidence that can be indispensible in future litigation procedures.

Fire & Explosion

Arcon’s fire and explosion investigators are qualified to the highest industry standards and regularly attend educational seminars to remain apprised of current methodologies and standards. They have completed thousands of investigations involving residential, industrial & commercial properties, autos, trucks and heavy equipment. Our investigators also perform fire and building code compliance assessments.

Personal Injury

Biomechanical analysis is commonly applied in the following scenarios: vehicle occupant injury, collisions between vehicles & pedestrians, personal injury arising from slips, trips and falls & workplace accidents. Our engineers review medical reports, diagnostic imaging, site surveys and equipment conditions to aid in computerized scenario reconstructions of situations where there has been human injury. Arcon is one of the few forensic engineering companies in Canada to use the industry standard BOT-3000 Digital Tribometer (slip resistance tester) from Regan Scientific Instruments when assessing slip resistance.  The BOT-3000 provides precise, repeatable results that virtually eliminates the guesswork and variability associated with other slip resistance testing methods.

Civil & Structural

Arcon’s structural and civil engineers have the practical experience to thoroughly investigate losses associated with residential, commercial or industrial structures and public works infrastructure. With specialized knowledge of building envelope issues such as flooding, and personal injury situations arising from building code non-compliance, Arcon provides a full range of investigative services.


Our electrical engineers investigate the cause of failures of a wide variety of electrical equipment. These include analyzing the extent of damage and the ability to repair the equipment or installation, as well as determination of compliance to applicable codes and standards. Our engineers have the experience to investigate electrical issues in residential, industrial, high-voltage, and distribution applications including solar & wind.


Arcon’s professional engineers investigate failures and malfunctions in electrical and mechanical components and machinery. Examples of typical mechanical engineering investigations include: pipe, valve and vessel ruptures, material corrosion, manufacturing tolerance issues, engine failure, furnace, boiler and HVAC malfunctions and consumer product failure.


A thorough and complete analysis of many investigative situations often calls for an intimate understanding of the behaviour of materials. Arcon's engineers employ their extensive knowledge of the properties and behaviours of materials to establish causality links between the underlying materials and the overall product failure. Commonly analyzed materials include polymers, ceramics and glass.



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