Our Forensic Expert

Executive Summary

Shawn is an established specialist in civil & structural forensic engineering with over 20 years of experience and has been qualified as an expert to provide testimony in Ontario Superior Court.  His specialization is the forensic assessment of residential, commercial and industrial building deficiencies and damages.  In addition to the investigation of structural and infrastructure design failures, he is often called upon to provide repair reconstruction details for buildings damaged by collapse, vehicle impact and fire.  Shawn’s practice extends to the investigation of pedestrian slip and fall accidents and he is well-versed in the assessment of walkways and stairs for compliance with the Ontario Building Code.  Shawn is the President of Arcon Forensic Engineers.

Areas of Expertise

  • Building failure and structural design analysis
  • Building envelope failure investigations
  • Review of building condition assessments
  • Code compliance assessments of buildings
  • Slip / trip / fall assessments of walkways and stairs
  • Repair construction details for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
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