Personal Injuries

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Our experts apply their extensive knowledge regarding motor vehicle collisions, building code related construction issues and product failures to provide clients with a clearer understanding of the potential sources of liability as they relate to a personal injury.

Motor Vehicle and Accidents

Occupant injuries may result from motor vehicle accidents and can be apparent immediately after the collision or take time to develop. The speed and movement of the vehicle, exterior vehicle interactions, occupant position/ orientation, restraint and movement are all contributing factors to the resulting injuries. Injury origins can be investigated whether the injuries relate to a driver/occupant (motor vehicle), operator (motorcycle, bicycle), or pedestrian.

Loss of Balance (Slips/Trips/Falls)

Injuries resulting from slips, trips, and falls may originate from a myriad of seemingly innocent activities such as stair ascent/descent, walkway navigation, or ladder operation. Investigations of injuries arising from these activites are typically led by our structural engineers who address issues of design (building code compliance), condition, and maintenance within the environments where the incident occured. Floor and footware friction, foot clearance, stability of the substrate, and visual perception obstructions are often considered when determining the origin of, or potential for, a slip, trip or fall.  Arcon is one of the few forensic engineering companies in Canada to use the industry standard BOT-3000 Digital Tribometer (slip resistance tester) from Regan Scientific Instruments when assessing slip resistance.  The BOT-3000 provides precise, repeatable results that virtually eliminates the guesswork and variability associated with other slip resistance testing methods and is compliant with ANSI A137.1, B101.1 & B101.3 standard test methods.  Investigations are further enhanced by the ability of the BOT-3000 to measure both static and dynamic coefficients of friction.

Product Failures

It's a fact of life that products fail and these failures can cause severe injuries.  Our electrical, mechanical and structural engineers have investigated electric kettles that triggered fires, extension ladders that collapsed, railings that gave way, door closers that jammed and the list goes on...  Whether the failure was a result of incorrect use, lack of maintenance, improper installation or manufacturing issues can have a massive impact when assigning liability.  Without an in-depth, unbiased forensic investigation of the cause of failure, you are increasing your level of legal and financial risk.


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