Electrical Malfunctions

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Our electrical engineers investigate the cause of failures in a wide variety of electrical equipment. In addition to investigating the failure, they are often asked to analyze the extent of damage and the ability to repair the equipment, as well as determination of compliance to applicable codes and standards. Our engineers have the experience to investigate electrical issues in residential, industrial, high-voltage, and distribution applications including solar & wind.

Equipment Failure Cause Determination

Electrical equipment can cause fires, injuries, or damages as a result of improper operation, installation, design or maintenance. These can include common appliances, pumps, motors, lighting, commercial equipment, cooking and heating equipment, and an endless variety of devices. A proper investigation does not merely stop at the point when a device is identified as the origin or cause of the problem - we investigate to identify the reasons for that failure and the specific components involved.

Transformers, Switchgear, and Distribution Equipment

When factory production is brought to a standstill by the failure of a distribution transformer, or a catastrophic electrical fault occurs in the service switchgear, distribution bus, or underground cable, our electrical engineers will investigate to determine the cause of the failure and assess all relevant aspects such as maintenance, design/ construction/installation, code compliance, and external conditions.

Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Chillers

Our extensive HVAC experience ranges from the assessment of boilers, chillers and cooling tower installations for large institutions and plants to investigation of domestic fans, ventilators, furnaces, heaters and air conditioners. We are thoroughly familiar with the range of issues that can be involved with this equipment, and with the applicable Codes and Standards.

Electrocution and Electric Shock Injuries

Injuries occur to electrical workers, maintenance and equipment operators, and building occupants resulting from a variety of conditions. We have investigated injuries or fatalities occurring at industrial plants, homes, and outdoors from lightning strikes and utility equipment. Our electrical engineers assess the relevant issues and where appropriate, our biomechanical engineer can assess the human factors involved in the incident

Industrial Equipment and Production Machinery

Manufacturing facilities often include large motors, complex automated machinery and control systems. We investigate failures in a full range of industrial equipment commonly found in manufacturing plants. Assessment of the equipment and requirements is performed by our electrical engineers and where appropriate, the expertise of our other personnel can be provided to include metallurgical/materials failure analysis, mechanical assessment, and other assistance

Actual Cash Value Determination & Repair Cost Review

Assessing the appropriateness of repairs and associated costs is often a difficult problem requiring the expertise of an engineer familiar with the complex equipment and the necessary restorations. Our engineers can assess the cost of repairs, either before or after the repairs have been completed.

On-site Electrical Testing, Measurement and Performance Evaluation

Our electrical engineers can perform a variety of testing to investigate the condition of damaged electrical equipment, and have industry partnerships to perform more specialized testing where required.



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