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Massive Air Bag Recall by Takata - Are You Affected?
May 21, 2015 | Authors: Daniel Couture

Any recall on the scale of the recent one by Japanese air bag manufacturer Takata is unsettling but how can you tell if it is an immediate concern for you?  While the NHTSA in the US has issued a recall notice, Transport Canada has not.  Vehicle owners have been asked to contact their vehicle’s manufacturer to enquire about a recall for their vehicle or visit the manufacturer's web site.

According to the recall, the defect is due to the airbag inflators altering over time which could potentially lead to “over-aggressive combustion in the event of an air bag deployment”.  The alteration had led to excessive internal pressure to the airbag when deployed, causing the airbag to rupture allowing the passage of metal fragments through the airbag cushion material, leading to injury or death.  And thus the recall!

Here is some information and links that might help.

NHTSA Press Release:

NHTSA website regarding the Tanaka recall:

Transport Canada auto manufacturer links for recalls:

Specifically, the notices indicate that the recall affects the following vehicle manufacturers (not all models provided):

Honda (2003-2007 Accord, 2001-2006 Civic, Odyssey, Acura MDX)


Daimler Trucks



Mazda (2004 Mazda 6)



Subaru (2003-2004 Legacy, 2003-2004 Outback, 2003-2004 Baja, 2004 Impreza, 2004 WRX, 2004 STI)

Toyota (2003-2007 Corolla, 2003-2007 Matrix, 2004-2005 Rav4, 2003-2004 Tundra, 2003-2004 Sequoia, Avalon)

General Motors - Pontiac (2003-2007 Vibe)

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