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Arcon's Daniel Couture Honoured with Consulting Engineer Designation Renewal
April 15, 2016

On March 10, 2016, at the Professional Engineers of Ontario Council meeting, Daniel P. Couture, P.Eng., was redesignated as a Consulting Engineer in Metallurgical and Mechanical Engineering disciplines for another five-year period.

PEO's "consulting engineer" designation helps promote recognition of engineers in independent practice. Only a member who has been designated as a consulting engineer by PEO can use the restricted title “consulting engineer.”

This designation is peer-reviewed and requires written affirmation from clients regarding suitability of the work performed by the Professional Engineer, as well as examples of such work.  According to the Consulting Engineer Designation (CED) online directory, only five other Professional Engineers have this approved status in Metallurgical Engineering in Ontario.


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