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Arcon announces Electronic Data Recovery Capability
September 16, 2013

Arcon Forensic Engineers Announces Electronic Data Recovery Capability for Commercial Vehicle Collision Reconstructions. In the complex world of heavy vehicle collisions, traditional on- site visual examination, mechanical analysis and computer modeling may...(read more)

What's New in the Engineering Toolbox?
May 04, 2012 | Authors: Daniel Couture

The field of forensic engineering is constantly evolving to address the increasing complexity of incidents that are sources of insurance claims or legal actions.  This presentation to the IEDC Enforcement Directors Conference shares tools, techniques and...(read more)

Forensic Engineering of Pedestrian Collisions
January 02, 2012

Collisions involving pedestrians and vehicles are becoming increasingly common.  A proper investigation requires not only traditional accident reconstructions methodologies but also the perspective of a biomechanical analysis of the pedestrian's...(read more)

ASTM E2493-07 Collection of Non-Volatile Memory Data in Vehicle Electronic Control Units
August 31, 2011 | Authors: Daniel Couture

Daniel Couture participated in the development of ASTM E2493-07, Standard Guide for the Collection of Non-Volatile Memory Data in Evidentiary Vehicle Electronic Control Units. This standard is the go-to guide for...(read more)

ASTM E2713-11 Standard Guide for the Practice of Forensic Engineering.
August 02, 2011 | Authors: Daniel Couture

Daniel Couture assisted with preparation of ASTM E2713-11 Standard Guide for the Practice of Forensic Engineering. This standard describes the nature of forensic engineering.

Use of ASTM Standards for Effective Subrogation
April 04, 2011 | Authors: Daniel Couture

This presentation at an NASP Chapter seminar dealt with the application of recognized industry standards to subrogation activities.  Using recognized standards from organizations such as the ASTM provides a benchmark for testing the reasonableness of each...(read more)


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