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Arcon’s structural and civil engineers have the practical experience to thoroughly investigate losses associated with residential, commercial or industrial structures and public works infrastructure. With specialized knowledge of building envelope issues such as flooding, and personal injury situations arising from building code non-compliance, Arcon provides a full range of investigative services.

Fire Damage Assessment and Repair

Arcon provides full service, from the assessment of fire damage, the directing of shoring as required, the creation of repair drawings through to obtaining building permits and reviewing the repairs. If requested, we will obtain samples to determine smoke and soot migration.

Impacts from Vehicles, Trees, etc.

In the event of structural damage from external impact, Arcon can provide damage assessment, the direction of shoring as required, and the design of replacement members as part of our creation of structural repair drawings. Typically, we will apply for and obtain building permits and review the repairs.

Flooding/Leaking/Moisture Problems

Water can be the origin of a variety of problems in buildings. These problems can include flooding, leaking, and high humidity. Flooding may be the result of heavy rains, burst pipes and firefighting efforts. High humidity may lead to decay of timber members, rusting of metal components, subsidence of foundations, and proliferation of mould.

Structural Damage Assessment

Damage assessment is essential in all aspects of our investigations. Arcon can assist in the determination of the origins of failure such as inadequate strength of material, construction defect, improper design, or overloading of the structure.

Plumbing Ruptures

Arcon is very experienced with the investigation of pipe failures. Investigations are often multi-disciplinary requiring expertise in structural, mechanical & metallurgical engineering. Arcon has all of the expertise available to unravel the mystery of these types of failures.

Building Code Assessment

Assessing existing building construction of all types for their code compliance is a critical element of many investigations. Typical examples assessments include standards for stairs, handrails, guardrails, walking surfaces, roof ventilation, lighting, and integrity of the structure and building envelope. When building construction or alterations have not been completed in accordance with applicable Building Code or accepted practice, premature failure or collapse of specific building components or structures may result. We investigate the correspondence between original design, construction, and generally accepted engineering practice at the time of original construction. We can also ensure the proper repair of damages

Environmental Damage

Extreme weather can play havoc with buildings often revealing pre-existing problems with building design or construction. Our thorough investigation will help determine the origin of the problem.

Soil/Ground/Foundation Analysis

Soil can both settle and heave. Improper grading and degradation can alter drainage and foundation support characteristics. We will assess soil conditions to ascertain the problems in order to suggest remedial measures and repairs.


Frequently, buildings and surrounding structures may be blamed for injury resulting from a slip or trip and subsequent fall. We will investigate the design, maintenance, and code compliance of the structure in order to assess the contributory nature to an incident. These investigations routinely involve site investigations, photography, measurement, and biomechanical assessment.



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