Our Forensic Expert

Executive Summary

For almost 40 years, Alan has been researching, analysing and investigating safety-related aspects of the highway-vehicle-driver system. His work includes computer modelling and full-scale testing of truck combination dynamics, testing and analysis of driver performance in normal and severe manoeuvres, and on-scene investigation of collisions. Alan has been involved in thousands of collision investigations and reconstructions for all types of vehicles and incidents. Alan has been repeatedly recognized by courts at all levels in Ontario, and elsewhere in North America, as an expert on all aspects of collision reconstruction.

Areas of Expertise

  • Vehicle collision reconstruction
  • Vehicle component malfunction
  • Occupant kinematics
  • Vehicle / road / driver interactions
  • Driver perception and response
  • Computer modelling of vehicle response
  • Visibility, road geometry & signing
  • Collision avoidance
  • Pedestrian / motorcycle / bicycle collisions
  • B.A. (Applied Mathematics)
  • M.Eng.
  • C.Eng.
  • P.Eng.
  • C.F.E.I.
  • Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO)
  • Canadian Association of Fire Investigators (CAFI)
  • Association of Canadian Ergonomists
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
  • Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists (CATIR)
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